Maine Chinchilla Shelter

A Maine licensed animal shelter facility only for chinchillas, license # F1346


How do I adopt a chinchilla?

1. Browse this page to learn more about chinchillas,  then choose your furry friend.  

2.  Complete the Adoption Application, and return it to us via email. 

3.  Send a $50 deposit via PayPal to reserve your pet(s)  

4.  Bring a small pet carrier along to Maine Chinchilla Shelter to pick up your new friend. Plan to visit for an hour while we:

         * Review your application

         * Complete payment via cash or credit card

         * Sign the contract

         * Review the care information packet

         * Meet and learn how to handle your pet

         * Ask and answer lots of questions

5. Take your new friend(s) home and contact us with questions anytime via text, email, facebook, or phone.

How do I surrender a chinchilla?


If you need to surrender your chinchilla contact us, we will schedule a date & time for transfer. In some cases MCS can pick up chins at your home, but most surrenders are brought to the shelter.  


We understand this is a very difficult decision and and we will make the transfer as painless as possible. You will be asked to complete a surrender form and MCS staff will ask additional questions about your chin to help match them with a new owner. All adopters must complete an application and education process to adopt from MCS, so you can be assured your chin will be placed in a safe & loving home. 


Chinchillas must be surrendered with all of their cages, equipment, food, and supplies. Cages and equipment are often offered for sale to help support the shelter. Consumables such as food, dust, toys, shelves, and shavings are used to help your chin transition to the shelter. The surrender fee is $20 for the first, and $5 each additional chinchilla. If you are surrendering due to financial difficulties, let us know and we will try to work with you. 


Surrendered chinchillas are held in quarantine for 3 weeks, then matched with a companion if available. If chins arrive with illness or injury they visit a veterinarian for care and are offered for adoption when they are healthy. 


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