Chinchillas often arrive sick, injured, or suffering the results of owner neglect, abuse, or ignorance.  Most of these chins are from pet stores, backyard breeders, or birthing mills, and went to their new owners with no information on proper care. Maine Chinchilla Shelter has an average of 45 chins surrendered each year, your help with veterinary expenses is greatly appreciated! 

Veterinary expenses often include medications for infections or pain, eye drops, Critical Care for supplemental feeding, x-rays, wound care, euthanasia, surgeries, foot infections, amputations, or littering complications. MCR's staff biologist is also conducting a study of three medications to treat Strep which causes nasty abscesses and pneumonia. Vet visits are always stressful, thanks for helping with the expenses! <3

Chinchilla Shelter Veterinary Fund