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Welcome to the online chinchilla adoption application!  

** NOTICE **

All applicants  are contacted in the order their application was received.

Thank you for your patience! MCR and Maine Shelter are currently operated by one person. :)

If you would like to submit an application via email, please email me.


We do not recommend chinchillas for children under 12, although we do review and consider all applications. If you are under 18 you must have consent and support of your adult guardian, they must be listed as the applicant, and they must attend the video care class and adoption appointment. 


All required fields must be completed for you to be considered for an adoption. Our first concern is the welfare of the chinchillas, and we reserve the right to refuse any applicant without explanation.  The Applicant must be the responsible adult owner 18 or older in the same household, a minor child should be listed as a caregiver. I do not adopt to minors, although I encourage parents to have their children be active participants in the adoption application process.


* denotes required field.


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