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Maine Chinchilla Shelter

Located in South China, Maine Chinchila Ranch is the only ECBC or MCBA breeder in Maine.  Marianne also operates a state licensed chinchilla shelter facility that serves New England. We average about 150 chinchillas on site throughout the year, comprised of available pets, breeding stock, growing show competitors, and shelter chins. The barn is a brightly lit temperature controlled building close to our home. 
Although we focus on producing whites and quality standard gray, we also occasionally have unusual colors available such as black velvets, ebonies, chocolates, violets, sapphires, and blue diamonds. We travel to shows or educational events several times a year to improve our herd and our knowledge of chins, so if we don't have the chins you're looking for we can locate them through our connections in the chinchilla community.
​Please browse our site, we hope you find the sweet companions you're looking for.  We can ship chins to an airport near you via Delta Cargo, make deliveries in Maine, or deliver during trips to shows. Adoption visits are by appointment only to limit stress to the animals. During your adoption visit we will provide education and materials on care and feeding, handling, and chinchilla behavior. 
We are available as a resource for you! Marianne is available by phone, text, facebook, or email anytime you have chinchilla questions. If you have a health question, want to adopt, need to surrender, or just wonder why your chin does that quirky thing, contact us and we'll do our best to help.

Marianne with shelter chinchilla Amigo

Marianne has appeared with shelter chins on WCSH6 several times! Fetch ME a Home provides an invaluable service to shelters in Maine by increasing awareness of animals available in shelters and educating potential new owners on pet care.   Thanks Channel 6!

Your pet chinchilla could earn show ribbons!  

I have custom chinchilla carriers and experience travelling with chins for shows. They are always kept in a temperature controlled environment, receive a show grooming, and are handled with the utmost care.

Owners keep any ribbons or trophies their chinchilla is awarded! 

The chins must board with me for a week before the show so that I can properly groom them, and they should be dusted daily for 2 weeks before transfer.  Call or text if you would like more information.

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